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The Unbreakable Covenant of Marriage

To order the book please contact Pastor Raymond McMahon at 860-285-8898 or praisepowerprayer@sbcglobal.net
From the Preface
Some years ago, a prominent Christian wrote a book entitled The God of the Second Chance. I read that book when I was a young married man. I did my best to see if what this man had written was true: that if your first marriage does not work out, God will rescue you and bless you with another spouse "by His will," in other words , give you a second chance. The book was an attempt by the author to explain and justify what had taken place in the breakup of his covenant marriage and to further explain how the Lord had finally "blessed" him with a second wife.

But I could not agree, and this horrible sinking feeling came over me, a foreboding sense of heartbreaking astonishment that millions would now use that teaching to justify their present and future actions, becoming "covenant breakers" not only with God's so-called permission but also with His "apparent" blessing and approval. And that is exactly what has happened since then.

At that time, the Lord led me to study God's true word concerning the "holiness of the Lord which he" loves (Malachi 2:11) and the prophetic nature of the covenant of marriage (read Paul's teaching the Ephesians 5). In Malachi, we are taught that God hates "putting away," but we have made "putting away" and remarriage so acceptable and to be held in such high esteem that the preserving of the so-called second marriage has become more important the preserving the real marriage covenant! And now they say that to divorce one's spouse and marry another is a witness to God's grace!

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